CleanSmart is a technology which embraces the digital age and truly provides clients and cleaning organisations genuine quality controls

CleanSmart is a technology designed to make the cleaning process more efficient and effective for all participants.

Communication is the key ingredient into a successful cleaning operation.

Till now the communication process has taken an analogue route.

The methodology

Key objectives of any cleaning contract (Client & Contractor)

  • Good quality cleaning
  • Smooth operational process
  • An efficient and cost effective process
  • Consistent levels of staff productivity
  • Trustworthy staff
  • Strong and effective communication channels

How it works

CleanSmart technology links all the major participants in the cleaning process through digital technology.

Key participants include

  • Client Cleaning
  • Organisation
  • Cleaners

The cleaning process


Cleaners perform their cleaning tasks in accordance with guideline or specifications specified from clients and cleaning organisations.


These cleaning tasks are performed in return for remuneration which equates to the amount of time the cleaners spend on the job.


Cleaners are paid accordingly for their time.