Product Features



Gone are the hand written Communications / Issues log books. CleanSmart provides real time reporting of what happens on your site every clean. Communication is accurate, timely and legible.


GPS Tracked Attendance Recording

Peace of mind to know that your cleaners are onsite delivering the cleaning contract and hours through cleaner clock on and off capacity from the work site.


Non Attendance Alarm System

Quick identification of a job that is not started within an agreed time range. This system has the capacity to alert the cleaning contractor so they can implement a Plan B rather than waiting for the next days’ trade to know there’s a problem.


Red Flag System

Bulletin type of system to red flag key jobs not delivered during a routine clean and a call to action for correction procedure eg. Cleaner return to site immediately or first job to be delivered at next clean. The red flag system triggers emails and SMS direct to relevant parties to activate a timely response to an issue. This system makes the cleaning role more accountable and the capacity for companies to put in place KPIs to manage the partnership?


Accumulated Time Management

Self calculates cleaning hours against the contract – daily / weekly / monthly hourly work requirements


Real Time and Periodic Reporting

Peace of mind that you can access up to the minute reports that highlight cleaning hours and reinforce operational cleaning duties, issues and incidents


Photo Presentation

Capacity for clients and cleaners to upload images to show cleaning issues / resolutions. Often a photo tells a thousand words and is very impactful to highlight something requiring attention or for proving it was corrected.


Security Controls

Reinforces the active role the cleaners take in abiding by the security protocols of your site


Consumable Ordering

Manage your stock needs through the touch of your fingers by ordering enablement direct to your preferred supplier or to the person in charge of this function at your site. Have peace of mind that you know what consumables you have on site, when they are used, when they need to be ordered, how much you pay per unit and what your costs are for consumable goods through accessing a report.


Industry Compliance

Capacity to upload and store PDF files of all work related documents that provide industry compliance eg. WHS Systems, Environmental Management Systems, SWMS, Waste Management Policy, Public Liability and Workers Compensation to name a few