What is CleanSmart

What is CleanSmart?

CleanSmart is a technology that embraces the digital age. It is an App designed by a cleaning company specifically for the cleaning industry to provide a unique service delivery approach with built in quality controls through an immersive interface.

The App brings together all the parties involved in the cleaning process to increase the quality and standard of work and deliver critical real time reporting. It provides users with live two way communication that drives favourable cleaning results through key reporting and resolutions and outcomes.

CleanSmart helps to deliver a transparent partnership giving clients peace of mind that their assets are being well maintained and the cleaning team are fulfilling their contractual obligations in a professional manner.

Cleaning is more than a service contract, it’s a partnership that represents the company to everyone it touches. CleanSmart bridges the gap between all they key parties involved in delivering a contract and making a difference in a cleaning contract.