How It Works

CleanSmart works on both iPhone and android devices. Users must have internet access to enable the CleanSmart App.

Each Client, Cleaning Contractor and Cleaner will have their own unique user number enabling privacy and confidentiality of all content accessible through the CleanSmart App.

Users will need to use their own unique user number to access information on specific cleaning jobs they have been granted access rights to.

The Client will have the following information at their finger tips:-

  • Accurate log on / log off times of all cleaners working on their site/s (time stamping also set-up should there be a system outage)
  • Electronic record of communication between the client, contractor and cleaner on all jobs
  • Photographic evidence of any cleaning issues / resolutions
  • Proof of all consumable orders made on behalf of the client
  • Knowledge that the contractor / cleaner is compliant to industry / client specified standards
  • Capacity to liaise in real time with cleaners for any Special Requests beyond the contact