About Us


CleanSmart commenced operation in Sydney in 2015 after identifying an opportunity to design a technology based solution to modernise the cleaning communications and reporting processes.

Today CleanSmart is a national provider of smart technology to the cleaning industry through Client, Contractor and Cleaner partnerships.

CleanSmart works hand in hand with small and large organisations to make the cleaning process more efficient and effective for all participants.

We pride ourselves on being innovative and continually strive to expand our new technology to meet the ever changing demands of the cleaning industry.

Our Company Mission is our organisations compass. This mission is focused on client satisfaction. We exist to serve our customers and continually strive to raise the bar in giving a tailored product to the cleaning industry.


Our key objective as an organisation is to deliver ongoing cleaning management solutions through the use of smart technology for our customers which meets their needs and expectations. To do this we have developed a balanced, diversified and profitable business that is providing real benefits to our clients, contractors, cleaners and the wider community.